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D' Ville Gifts and Souvenirs
940 Fields Ave.
Balibago, Angeles City
Philippines   2009
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Looking for gifts, or a souvenir, from the Philippines ? If so, check out the relatively new 'gift and souvenir store' located above Checkmark Internet Cafe in the rear of Margarita Station. It is on Fields Avenue in Balibago, Angeles City; an hour or so north of Manila depending on the traffic. We have a great selection of reasonably priced items. Our intentions are to keep the prices realistic for local people and very cheap for the tourist. You can find occasions where so called wholesalers are asking more than double our retail prices. Although the store is not large we feel that we have a good choice of stock but are continually trying to expand on the variety. Some of the items that we are most proud of come from the Banaue and Sagada area. A lot of the items are crafted by the famous Ifugao tribes people. We do not intend to sell on e-bay, or similar, however some items sold in the store have already showed up there and went for a long way above our tag prices. The following is a partial description of our stock:

  -a huge selection of combined wood and rattan native baskets

  -fine quality woven bags, back-packs, wallets, etc. from Sagada

  -stone carved Ifugao sculptures

  -carved rice gods and warriors

  -tribal peoples salt and food containers

  -native purses and bags

  -sun masks, as well as a variety of other masks

  -carved wooden spoon sets

  -woven wall hangings

  -kamagong (iron wood) carvings

  -carabao (water buffalo) horns

  -bronze, brass, and wood carved jewelry

  -native pipes

  -a large selection of other misc. jewelry (including pearls)

  -mother of pearl and abalone Jewellery boxes ; and other jewelry boxes   

  -die-cast metal jeepneys and tricycles, etc.

  -embroidered table clothes and sheets

  -various place mat and napkin sets

  -bamboo wind chimes

  -horn carvings

  -wood model air planes

  -resin products

  -knick-knacks and various other souvenirs

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Stock # B-252
Large Wood and Rattan Basket
17" diameter
2000 pesos
Many other cheaper baskets

Stock # A-903
Large Wooden Salad Bowl
12" diameter
8" high
750 pesos

Stock # A-154
Large Reed Basket w/lid
13" diameter
15" tall
1050 pesos

Stock # A-570
 Bull Dog

21"  high
1400 pesos 

Stock # A-1010
Stone Ifugao Sculpture
12" Tall
1300 pesos
(Also some cheaper ones carved from wood)

Stock# B-277  B-278
Wooden Rice God and Warrior 12" tall
700 peso ea.
(many that are smaller and cheaper starting at 140 pesos)

Stock# B-06
Kamagong (Ironwood)
Carabao & Cart
13" Long 
 8" high
 1000 pesos

Stock# B-203
Dragon Mask
24" tall
1000 pesos
smaller ones available

Stock #B-284
Sun Mask
10" diameter
300 pesos
(many other sizes)

Stock #B-198
Carved Eagle
12" Tall
300 pesos

Carved Lion
10" high
13" long
500 pesos

Stock# A-759
Cariboo Horn
Salt Container
20" long
1000 pesos

Stock# B-202
Carved Eagle
10" high
7" wide
400 pesos

Stock# A-445
Native Handbag
bamboo & rattan
600 pesos

Stock# B-16
Place Mat Set
1000 pesos
(various other
 place mats sets)

Stock# A-400
Back Pack
extremely good quality
11"X12"   638 pesos
(many other woven products)

Stock# B-08
Ironwood Caraboo & Rider 6" high 500 pesos

Stock# A-565 Ironwood  Buffalo
4"tall  360 pesos

Native Brass Drum On Stand
overall size
11" high 
10" wide
1000 pesos

Stock# A-331
Carved Wooden
Spoon Set
28" long
8" high
650 pesos


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